Okuhida Onsengo Nakao Daira

Private Baths

Our baths are natural hot springs, and the water comes directly from the source.

The source is a high temperature steam spring of about 194 degrees F. We add water to adjust the temperature in a free-flowing “reliable, safe, clean” method without any chlorination or recycling.

The high temperature steam spring is transparent with no color and contains sodium chloride. The spring is known for its warming qualities and retention of body warmth.

Bathing in a hot spring in the forest is great for rejuvenating both your body and soul.

Nakaodaira has 6 private baths.

They are “private,” meaning you will not be sharing the bath with other guests.

Two large outdoor baths, two large indoor baths, and two small indoor baths.

Please use them as you like.

Reservations are not required in advance.

There also is no time limit.

Open 24 hours during your stay,

enjoy the open baths whenever you’d like,

alone, with your loved one, with your family.

Outdoor Bath “Mae no Yu”

Outdoor Bath “Oku no Yu”

Morimi no Yu


Wooden Bath 1

Wooden Bath 2

Outdoor Bath “Mae no Yu”

Exit the inn and proceed towards the forest, and you will immediately find “Mae no Yu.”

Once you enter the building and go through the changing area, there will be a roofed outdoor bath.

One side is exposed for you to enjoy the view of the forest while taking a bath.

Listen to the leaves rustle in the forest or the chirping of the birds and insects...

Or enjoy the silence of the winter...

You can have a calming bath experience here.

Outdoor Bath “Oku no Yu”

Proceed further into the forest to find “Oku no Yu.”

The view after the changing area may take you by surprise.

Why? Because there’s no roof!

There’s a fence but only in the direction of the village.

The other side opens up to the forest.

This is truly an outdoor bath in the forest.

*No soap is provided at the outdoor baths. Please clean yourself with water before entering the bath.

Morimi no Yu

This bath features two glass walls.

Enjoy the view of the forest on two large “screens.”

The forest in morning, at noon, and at night... We hope you enjoy the different faces of the forest.


We also have Neyu where you can take a bath lying down.

It's a nice feeling to let your whole body relax in the hot bath.

A large window view of the forest

Enjoy the slow passing of time as you take a bath.

Wooden Bath

This bath is reminiscent of one in a traditional Japanese countryside home.

It may be small compared to the other baths,

but we have many guests who actually prefer this bath.

Two types of baths... Bathe multiple times in the one you like, or enjoy the variety...


  • Please take the key from the 1st floor lobby when using the outdoor baths. If the key is missing, it means another guest is taking a bath. Please wait until they return.
  • If taking a bath in the indoor baths, please display the “Occupied” sign at the entrance and lock the door.
    Indoor baths come with: shampoo, conditioner, soap (shower)
  • All baths are private so please do not be concerned if you have tattoos.

(Benefits of Hot Springs)

The hot springs at Nakao Kogen are a high temperature steam spring. We add water to adjust the temperature in a free-flowing “reliable, safe, clean” method without any chlorination or recycling.

Source nameNakao Kogen Hot Spring Association Spring 1
Current sourceJoint source at the side of a T-intersection, about 650 feet down from the inn entrance.
Spring typeSteam spring
Source temperature202.82 F (94.9C)
CharacteristicsNo color, transparent, slight sulfurous odor
Spring qualitySodium, chloride spring (former spring quality name: weak salt spring)
Hot water supply temperature111~116 F (temperature adjusted through heat exchange and the addition of water)
Hot water consumption12~20 gallons per minute
Supply methodThe high temperature of the source does not allow bathing in 100% spring source, so the supply is free-flowing after adjusting the temperature through heat exchange and water addition.
TreatmentsHigh blood pressure, chills, rheumatism, orthopedics, wounds, chronic eczema and keratosis, weak constitution, infertility, inflammation, ovarian dysfunction, uterine hypoplasia, menstrual disorders, menopausal disorders
CharacteristicsThe salinity adheres to your skin and prevents the evaporation of sweat, increasing the warming effect. The spring is known for heating up your skin and allowing your body to retain the warmth after the bath.